Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just love packages in the mail

Don't you ? I used up some Cricut Reward points last week and ordered the Asian Cuttlebug bundle. OMG! I saw this first when it was packaged with the blue version of the Cuttlebug and fell in love with it. Last week, when I went to redeem some reward points ( I have gotten some really great things by wracking up my reward points ), I saw they were offering the Asian bundle as a possibility. No second thinking here, I clicked on that order button immediately. Yesterday , my package came with the Fed EX man. Don't you just love the Fed EX and UPS people? I do. I really, really really do....
Naturally, I had to give them a run through.... I inked over the images so that the designs would show up a little better. I don't know if I have stated this on my blog before....but in addition to my distress ink addiction....I also have a Cuttlebug embossing addiction. It is hard for me to make anything without embossing it in some way. These will definitely get a workout.
The embossing folders in this collection are Plum Blossoms, Oriental Weave, Kimiko, Bamboo, Japanese Scales, Mandarin Screen, Koi, and Lanterns

If you would like to check these out on the Cricut website here are the links:


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