Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cascarones- Easter confetti eggs

Here is a Mexican Easter tradition that my family discovered about 13 years ago. We make these fun and colorful eggs in large quantities for our Easter Sunday ( or Monday) game as weather permits. I begin saving egg shells as soon as I remember I will be needing them . Some years I have to crack a few more, but this year I ended up with about 3 dozen shells. This would be fun for a crowd but definitely enlist help.

Here goes:
  • Begin by cracking a small hole at one end of the egg. I find it easier to crack at the largest part of the egg. You could pierce a hole at one end, then enlarge by snipping to make it larger but I just give a gentle crack and pull the shell around to make an opening .
  • Poke inside the egg with a knife or something else with a good point like a fondue fork to break the yolk. Empty contents into a bowl.
  • Rinse out egg with water.
  • Prepare egg dye and submerge egg to get desired color.
  • Pat gently and allow egg to fully dry.
  • When egg is dry, fill shell about a third full with confetti ( I just buy premade confetti by the bag at Michaels) but you could be frugal and run junk mail through a shredder and maybe throw in some glitter for sparkle.
  • Cut small circles ( or squares as I did since I am not so picky about how they look) out of tissue paper or crepe paper.
  • Make a thin wash out of glue and water and place the paper over the hole and paint it down to seal up the hole.
  • Allow to dry.

Now you are ready to play. It is a simple game of tag. The person who is "it", grabs an egg and has to chase someone down and crack the egg on their body. We insist on the no face or head rule, but you play however you wish. The person who got "caught" is now "it" and so on....

I hope you will consider giving this craft/activity a try. Start your own tradition. My children love this and look forward to it each year. I personally think they just love the fact that they can run circles around their parents and then smack them with an egg !

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