Friday, February 18, 2011

wish me luck

In January, I was inspired to resume journaling as a daily activity. I used to be a devoted journaler but life, children and seemingly the loss of the written word dulled my resolve to document life's daily events.
I found a journaling primer here : that freed me from my conventional ideas about documenting....I was inspired enough to start looking at other journals. art journals... then I found  : WOW! I had been missing out on an entirely different experience....I was never an art student, but she made me wish I were one.....
I have been journaling since the new year and today...... I bought....gulp.... an honest to goodness, 11x14 inch art sketch is a bit intimidating to look at but I hope to fill it with....yes....ART! Art of my own....wish me luck in my new adventures.....

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